Flip flops in the office? I draw the line at mankinis!

With temperatures rising in recent weeks, the TUC have called for employers to temporarily relax their dress codes. It’s often soaring or dipping temperatures that prompt the debate about dress code, but it’s an important year-round consideration for all businesses.

In recent years we’ve seen the City dress code relax and it’s not unusual to be faced with someone from a professional services Firm wearing a collar with a notably absent tie. I’ve worked in two contrasting environments; one where the dress code was specifically prescribed for the customer facing employees, even to the extent that some high performing employees who didn’t quite scrub up were offered make over tips and style advice. The other, by contrast, was where anything went and you could rock up in jeans, converse pumps and a big baggy jumper and no one would bat an eyelid. My verdict…..there’s a balance to be struck and dress code is often sensibly aligned with the employer brand and service provision. It would be sensible, when developing a dress code to consider those two factors. It’s a fine line and always disappointing when a dress code equates to a corporate straight jacket and stifles a degree of individuality.

And as for dress code in these rising temperatures, common sense prevails and a slightly more relaxed approach might be appreciated by the workforce. Flip flops…..perhaps, but I draw the line at mankinis!

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